Summer Social Kill Joy (no we're not talking about the virus)

Summer vibes… Afternoon braais, chilling till late on the patio, more entertaining and hosting, late night swims or cricket in the garden with the kids… these are a few of favourite things about Summer. What we don’t love though is the Summer pests… you know them well: mosquitos, flies, ants, cockroaches (especially when they fly) and not forgetting our fury friends, fleas!

Let’s take a quick look at each of these Summertime killjoys and what we can do to help you take back your Summer vibe, pest-free!

The Bloodsuckers: Mosquitos
Not on soul on the planet loves these guys. They make us itch and keep us up at night with their whining music. Mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water, especially in catchments of water in plants. Zululand Pest Control can spray your garden to deter the breeding of these bloodsuckers, encouraging you to enjoy that braai or dinner on the patio instead of being shut up indoors with the swatter in hand.

The All-up-in-your-face: Flies
Oh the annoyance of flies! They bug us when we’re cooking, disgust us with their landing on our food, but worst of all they seem to get all up in our faces. They never sit long enough to swat, and even when the designated swatter proudly kills of three or four… they seem to multiply and efforts feel all but futile. Time to call the Zululand eradication experts, yip it’s us.

The Thieves: Ants
Slightly less annoying, but definitely makes the Top Summertime Pest List, Ants! These foraging hard workers are most certainly incredible insects, their strength, their work ethic and team-player game all all admirable traits. They keep nature in balance and we need them… just not in our house. Call Zululand Pest Control to handle the situation and set the boundary lines for these impressive colonies.

The Heartfailures: Cockroaches
No doubt we have all had that brave moment heading towards the roach armed with flip-flop in hand… and then it flies at you! Heart failure, girly shrieks (even for the macho men), mad squirming and flip-flop swatting in every direction. After this it goes one of two ways (both are bad), either you get the wretched foul creature but still feel the aftershock of crawling on your skin, or it manages to slip away and the roach hunt proves fruitless, now you need to sleep in the room knowing full well roach is alive and waiting to crawl on you in your sleep or lay a million eggs in your cupboard. Roaches are the worst.

These disease-carrying, nuclear-explosive-safe CREEPY crawlies need the experts - while we don’t like them either, with years of training and experience in the field we use our inside voice for our girly shrieks and annihilate the bug(gars)!

The Fury Friend Biters: Fleas
Lastly lets not forget the fur babies. Ill equipped with swatting skills and teeth that can only reach certain places, they need our help. We recommend contacting your local vet to help your pets out. However if an infestation indoors occur you need to call in the big guns, Zululand Pest Control at your service!

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