Rat Control in Winter Months

Normally, the season of winter is a time where there seems to be a decline in pests in houses and industrial locations. In a lot of cases this is indeed a fact.

Many species of insect withdraw themselves during the colder months. This is because the adults of these specific species go into hibernation and the laying of eggs slows down from a diminished survival rate. While there may be a decline in the number of flies buzzing about your face when you are trying to braai, some pests appear to become more frequent during this time period. One of them being rodents and primary becuase of their need to find heat sources and ultimately warmth.

During winter rats breeding habits do slow down but their basic needs become more urgent. In order to survive, rats need a constant supply of food and warmth. The typical life for rats during the majority of the year sees them outside because of the abundance of both food and heat. When the cold sets in these requirements are less available outside. Cold weather naturally requires rats to seek shelter from the elements and man-made buildings provide the perfect resources they need.

When the weather gets really cold, rats are forced to flee their normal habitats straight into warm and dry buildings: houses, warehouses, barns, shops, office buildings – wherever they can where the aforementioned elements are available in abundance. While many people think that their pest control concerns are reduced until the summer time, the reality is that rat problems can get worse.

They begin to build nests and scavenge for food and when this happens in your home or business, that is when it is time to contact Zululand Pest Control for help.

Zululand Pest Control offers a variety of solutions to combat rat invasions. These include:

  1. Rodent Boxes – These tamper proof boxes enable the control of rodents in “public” and outdoor areas where there is a chance of unwanted access. The bait stations are secured to the ground with controlled access by means of a key. Rodenticide is placed in the boxes.
  2. Rodenticide Treatments – We use a range of rodenticides for different cases of rodent infestation depending on the area, your unique situation and safety needs. These treatments include, amongst others: wax blocks, liquid bait, rodent paste and snapper traps.
  3. Domestic Rat Control – The most successful treatments involves us visiting your home or office. We do an initial treatment that is sufficient and we rarely need to revisit for a follow up..

Zululand Pest Control has developed a strong reputation for quality and reliability in both the public and private sectors with years of experience gathered since 1969. Customers needs are central to our service delivery and all of our pest control solutions are designed to give you rapid and long term results. We actively review and develop our operations - building on past success in order to offer even better results and value today and for the future.

Contact us today to request a quote for the safe control of all pests, regardless of the season.

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